Team Sub-Groups

Students are divided into groups to help distribute the work. The first 3 are the main teams for the build season and the other 3 mainly work before/ after the season.  Many students take on multiple roles along with various tasks that come up through the year.

-CAD (Computer assisted Design) is a great tool for planning out our robot. Students work together designing parts on Inventor to design the robot for the year.

-The thoughts of a robot are brought together with the help of programming. The autonomous program at the start of each match can mean the difference between winning and loosing. The robot responds to pre-programmed code before the drivers take the wheel.

-Works together with Programming and mechanical to fill in the missing parts. Systems is a little bit of both worlds. They mostly handle electrical parts like sensors, mounts, circuit boards, and motors.

-You can't have a robot without money. Our Robot cost about $25,000 each year from entering competitions to parts. Business is in charge of showing off the robot and finding interested sponsors.

-Being safe around the robot is our number one concern. Besides doing safety posters and projects the safety team also creates a Safety animation for entry each year. Each team submits an animation and one is picked at each regional for the award.

-After the robot is planned out the drive team is put together to practice driving. They drive the robot during competition and score all the points for the team. The Drive team however is the smallest subgroup consisting of only 3 students on the main team and a few on call for back up.