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Team Organization

Applications for 2016 student leadership positions are being accepted until 10 PM CST April 29th.  

Interviews will be conducted the evening of Tuesday, May 3rd between 6 and 9 PM CST.  

Please keep the evening of May 3rd open if you apply for a leadership role. The interviews will be between 10 and 15 minutes per applicant, depending on the number of applications received.

Each student leader is expected to direct a team of students and work closely with mentors to achieve team goals.  You may not be doing as much of the actual tasks and will be delegating those tasks to members of your team.  For example, the drive & strategy team lead has responsibilities during competition and will not be available to participate on the drive team.

You must be an active member of Team 3206 preferably with at least one year of involvement with a FIRST robotics team.  Mentors will select a team captain from the group of student leads.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Click the link for the position (or positions) to apply. 

Leadership PositionDescription
Communications Lead
Oversee team communications, website, and social media
Drive and Strategy LeadOversee drive team and develop strategy
Financial LeadManage team's finances and oversee purchasing
Marketing LeadDevelop team image and outreach 
Mechanical LeadManage design and build of mechanisms and drive systems
Programming LeadManage programming, debugging, and testing robot code
Safety LeadSafety policy and training, pit design
Systems LeadManage pneumatic and sensor systems for robot mechanisms