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Join Woodbury High School Robotics Team 3206! 

There's something for everyone on the robotics team

§  Not technical?  No problem!

§  Good at art?  Design the robot's look and the team's booth, make jewelry, design t-shirts and marketing information

§  Interested in business?  Learn about fundraising, accounting, and marketing

§  Interested in management?  Learn project management and help plan events and fundraisers

§  Definitely technical?  Get hands-on experience in:

§  Mechanisms

§  Pneumatics

§  Sensors and controls

§  Electrical systems

§  Programming

§  Have lots of fun working together to solve problems and run a business

§  Apply what you learn in school to "real world" situations

§  Anyone is welcome to join (click here!)

§  Learn more about  FIRST Robotics